Popup Menu Must Have At Least One Submenu Error

Java prog#151. How to use JPopupMenu (Right mouse click) in Java Netbeans

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Mar 1, 2002. Adding Menus. Now that you've created a toolbar for your application, you might need to add a menu to enable users to easily select many of the common functions. In most applications, you usually have file functions that allow users to create, edit, and save files. You also have edit functions that allow.

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:let no_buffers_menu = 1 NOTE: Switching on syntax highlighting also loads the menu file, thus disabling the Buffers menu must be done before ":syntax on". VERTICAL SCROLLBARS *gui-vert-scroll* Each Vim window has a scrollbar next to it which may be scrolled up and down to move through the text in that buffer.

Opera Help – To unstack a set of tabs, or close the entire stack, right-click the tab stack, and choose one of the options under Tab Stack in the tab context menu. See the. Arrange, Resizes and rearranges all tabs according to options in the submenu. By default, an Opera application window must have at least one tab. Choose " Allow.

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428 Popup menu must have at least one submenu. Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed (Error 401) See Also. When a modal form is displayed,

This is a problem I have been looking into for a while, as it actually makes HTML5 completely impractical on enterprise intranets – kind of a bore…

Popup menu must have at least one submenu: Error Description:. Locate Popup menu must have at least one submenu-associated program (eg. Windows Operating System).

Trappable Errors for Visual Basic | English – 35, Sub, Function, or Property not defined. 47, Too many DLL application clients. 48, Error in loading DLL. 49, Bad DLL calling convention. 51, Internal error. 52, Bad file. 397, Can't set Visible property for top level menus while they are merged. 400, Form. 428, Popup menu must have at least one submenu. 429, OLE.

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This error also occurs if Microsoft Access attempts to run a menu bar macro containing an AddMenu action that follows an action that makes some other object the active object. For example, the OpenForm [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] 2068, The selected item is customized and doesn't have context-sensitive Help. @For more.

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If you enable its interactive mode, you get a popup query every time a new program requests network access. To make it remember your choice, you must enter the.

Error Function Template Partial Specialization Is Not Allowed Aug 11, 2017. Actually, the technique for emulating function template partial specialization through class template specialization is well known, but the naming convention used by Arthur is the clearest. template<typename T> // compilation error!. This explains why even total specialization are not allowed for aliases. There’s more information in Blizzard’s PTR FAQ. While 1.2.0 is the first patch going through

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Microsoft Access 2010 comprehensive list all Error Numbers and Descriptions

I have a popup menu that gives me error number 428, "Popup menu must have at least one submenu" and I can't figure out why this is happening. I use popups in several.

428 Popup menu must have at least one submenu. 429 License information for this component not found. This error has the following cause and solution:

Working with Menus in VB6. The specified menu must have at least one submenu. , you can have both a "regular" menu and as many pop-up menus as you want on the.

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