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PHP Tutorial (1) Strings, Variables, Echo, Arrays

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I was having problems using print_r because I didn’t like the fact that if tags where included in the array it would still be parsed by the browsers.

Oct 13, 2015. Drupal 7 watchdog(). <?php // Logs a notice watchdog('my_module', $message, array()); // Logs an error watchdog('my_module', $message, array(), WATCHDOG_ERROR); ?>.

The PHP. array("b", "kb", "mb", "gb", "tb"); $bytes = max($bytes, 0); $pow = floor(($bytes ? log($bytes) : 0) / log(1024)); $pow = min($pow, count($units) – 1); $bytes /= (1 << (10 * $pow)); return round($bytes, $precision). " ".

I have a static method in a helper class Utility::error_log() for helping us gracefully debug HUGE objects in PHP. The method, and it's helper-method Utility::toArray.

. a multi-level array in a format that is human-readable?. error to Apache error log you can try this: error_log( print_r. php array with objects.

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The fastest way to access the field data is by accessing the array $recordset->fields directly. Also set the global variables $ADODB_FETCH_MODE = ADODB_FETCH_NUM, and.

When debugging php code (especially Open Source code you have not written yourself) then to get a feeling of what is passed around when it doesn't work I find that.

Usability WI-27124 reload dictionary on externals changes PHP Interpreters Feature WI-34471 Detect PHP version. UnknownHostException on connection error Performance IDEA-179003 IntelliJ 2017.3 EAP takes longer to load list of.

We’ve identified 13 of the best PHP frameworks. efficient error handling, and log messages can be categorized, filtered and routed to different destinations. As Yii is designed to work well with third-party code, you can integrate other.

Tracy – PHP debugger | Nette Framework – Instead of showing herself, Tracy stores information into a log file and shows the visitor a user-comprehensible server error message: Production output mode suppresses all debugging information which is sent out via Debugger::dump() or Debugger::fireLog() , and of course all error messages generated by PHP. So, even.

Out of the box, Laravel supports writing log information to single files, daily files, the syslog , and the errorlog. To configure which storage mechanism Laravel uses, you should modify the log option in your config/app.php configuration file. For example, if you wish to use daily log files instead of a single file, you should set.

Cannot use string offset as an array in php – Stack Overflow – I’m trying to simulate this error with a sample php code but haven’t been successful. Any help would be great. "Cannot use string offset as an array"

I keep getting the following error and I was wondering on how to fix? This is the second time I got this error I fixed it the first time but for some reason I cant.

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