Internal Error Bad Record Index In Pagemaker

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Internal error: Bad Record Index.". Bad record index errors in PageMaker indicate there is internal damage to the publication. Fixing damaged PM file.

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Date: Sat, 02 Jul 94 18:35:15 PDT From: Paul Brians <[email protected] WSU.EDU> Subject: Preventing and Solving PageMaker Bad Record Index Errors When I recently had a PageMaker 5.0 file go belly-up on me because of a " 'Bad Record Index'" error, I collected many tips on dealing with this ominous problem.

Jan 10, 2016. This is a software issue I encountered with a client which solution is worth sharing. The software involved here is the old Adobe PageMaker 6.5 installed in a Windows XP machine. SITUATION: In a Windows XP computer, Adobe PageMaker 6.5 was working well. All of a sudden, publications won't print so.

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Opening a publication I have recently been working on suddenly fails with " Cannot process publication's links – Internal error – bad record index". And then Pagemaker dies. Is there anyway to get this publication back? Hours of work. Only possibly anomaly I see is that the.pmd file was moved from one.

При диагностической перекомпоновке в публикации PageMaker 6.0 удаляются связи с любыми импортированными изображениями на страницах-шаблонах. После удаления этих связей PageMaker при выборе команды Links выдает ошибку «Cannot process publications links. Internal error: Bad Record Index.

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Pagemaker Internal Error Bad Record Index – SybSearch – Cannot open table/Internal error: Bad table index. When trying to re-save the table to the newsletter, I get this message from the Table Editor: File contains bad.

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When PageMaker attempts to update the style information, internal error: bad record index. 4. INTERNAL ERROR – BAD TABLE INDEX **** HELP**** 5. Help.

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Internal error: Bad Record Index. Also, when I apply certain styles to text, PageMaker doesn't automatically update the text in the whole publication—like it should.

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i can't print due to internal error: bad record index 8901:20515 I'm using adobe pagemaker 7.0 and when i tried to – Adobe PageMaker 7.0 for PC question

Porque no puedo imprimir en page maker 7, ya que cuando lo intento sale un mensaje: no se pueden procesar los vinculos de la publicacion internal error: bad record index 8901:20515 Nota: este mensaje también aparece cuando quiero abrir el archivo, a.

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Opening a publication I have recently been working on suddenly fails with "Cannot process publication's links – Internal error – bad record index". And

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