Error Specialization Of After Instantiation

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Compiler gcc-5.4.0. #include <boost/type_traits.hpp> static const bool is_enum = boost::is_enum<std::pair<int, int> >::value; #include <boost/container/flat_map. hpp> boost::container::flat_map<int, int> m;. error is: /boost/boost/container/detail/ pair.hpp:433:8: error: partial specialization of 'struct boost::is_enum<std::pair<_T1 ,

[temp.expl.spec] – 17.8 Template instantiation and specialization [temp.spec]. error: X not a template template<class T> class X; template<> class X<char*> { /*. { sort(v); // use primary template sort(Array<T>&), T is String } template<> void sort<String>( Array<String>& v); // error: specialization after use of primary template template<> void.

This probably me being extremely tired, but I can’t figure out how to copy part of a vector into a new vector. What I am trying to do, is find inside an std::vector.

Calls to a specialized function or use of a specialized class are indistinguishable from uses of a version instantiated from the general template. 为了能够将 compare 函数用于字符串,. It is an error for a specialization to appear after a call to that instance of the template has been seen. 特化出现在对该模板实例的 调用之后是.

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Jul 7, 2005. An implicit instantiation is never generated for an explicit specialization that is declared but not defined. { sort(v); //use primary template // sort(Array<T>&), T is String } template<> void sort<String>(Array<String>& v); // error: specialization // after use of primary template template<> void sort<>(Array<char*>&.

Explicit specialization after instantiation error. 3. Declaration doesn't solve 'explicit specialization after instantiation' error. Related. 2125.

2011年6月27日. caveat: f3 must be put after f2, or an error occurs: specialization of void f(T) [with T = int] after instantiation; notes: the compiler will use f3 as the instantiation for f1, and use f2 as the specialization for f1; rule: specialization must be before instantiation (*); Above we have discuss the template function, and then.

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If the type specialization is dependent on a type parameter, the type of that parameter is set to be the corresponding part of the type argument. If after all the type arguments are examined, there are any type parameters left with no type assigned, they are assigned types corresponding to the template argument in the same.

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Specialization errors. C / C++ Forums on Bytes. 421,516 Members | 1,182 Online Join Now;. Partial specialization after instantiation, no error? VC 2005.

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Specialization of template after instantiation?. error: specialization of 'std::. ActiveEquivClass>' after instantiation BPCFGParser.h:408: error:.

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