Error Reassignment To Val

Scala Defining Variable using var and val

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Jul 13, 2014. scala> val a = scala.collection.immutable.Set("apple", "orange") a: scala. collection.immutable.Set[String] = Set(apple, orange) scala> a = Set() <console>: 8: error: reassignment to val a = Set() ^ scala> val b = scala.collection.mutable. Set("cherry", "plum") b: scala.collection.mutable.Set[String] = Set(cherry,

SCL-11224 Scala.js false positive: Reassignment to val. in the previous version but is now marked as reassignment to val:. ("reassignment to val" error in.

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>> I’m getting this error "Reassignment to val" > > A "val" is an "immutable" record of a value. By immutable we mean it. Re: Re assignment to Val.

Val assignment – Google Groups – Val assignment Showing 1-6 of 6. you define a new val. Reassignment would be to use without the val keyword like this:. <console>:12: error: reassignment to val

scala> class Person(val name: String) defined class Person scala> val p = new Person("Alvin Alexander") p: Person = [email protected] scala> res0: String = Alvin Alexander scala> = "Fred Flintstone" <console>:11: error: reassignment to val = "Fred Flintstone" ^. The last example fails because a.

Reassignment to Val. Hello everyone, I'm new to scala so please don't take anything for granted with me 🙂 Anyway, I'm getting this error "Reassignment to val" Let me.

I am looking for a way to resolve the below compilation error in Scala. Where , I am trying to update the value of a variable clinSig , if the clinSig is null while.

I get this error when compiling: Compilation error: reassignment to val I think this seems obvious, but when looking at my code I can't find why this doesn't works.

scala> val people = Set("Nancy", "Jane") people: scala.collection.immutable.Set[ java.lang.String] = Set(Nancy, Jane) scala> people += "Bob" <console>:6: error: reassignment to val people += "Bob" ^.

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1.2 Declaring Values and Variables. Instead of using the names res0, error: reassignment to val. To declare a variable whose contents can vary, use a var:

I am looking for a way to resolve the below compilation error in Scala. Where , I am trying to update the value of a variable clinSig , if the clinSig is null while.

Reassignment to val error, with property. 2 replies Sun, 2009-11-29, 04:54 efleming969. Joined: 2009-01-04, Not sure why i’m getting this.

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