Error Function Template Partial Specialization Is Not Allowed

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Aug 11, 2017. Actually, the technique for emulating function template partial specialization through class template specialization is well known, but the naming convention used by Arthur is the clearest. template<typename T> // compilation error!. This explains why even total specialization are not allowed for aliases.

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Jul 3, 2017. struct A { template<class T> struct B; // primary member template template<class T> struct B<T*> { }; // OK: partial specialization // template<> struct B<int*> { }; // Error: full specialization }; template<> struct A::B<int*> { }; // OK template<class T> struct A::B<T&> { }; // OK. If the enclosing class declaration is,

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c++ – Why function template cannot be partially specialized. – I know the language specification forbids partial specialization of function template. I would like to know the rationale why it forbids it? Are they not useful?

The short of template function partial specialization is that it is not allowed, however we can emulate this feature through the use of partially specialized template.

Also I know that C++ does not allow function template partial specialization. error because 1 function is. function specialization for void not allowed.

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Aug 15, 2017. Why doesn't C++ allow partial specialization on function templates? Such was the question I asked to you, readers of Fluent C++, in the post covering Template Partial Specialization. Not because I wanted to test you, but simply because I couldn't find the answer. And oh boy did I get an answer. The post.

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Why Not Specialize Function Templates? On the. and so function templates are allowed to overload too. NOT a partial specialization of (b),

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partial template specialisation. function template partial specialization is not allowed void foo1<B>(T1. error: function template partial specialization.

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