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Jun 6, 2017. Try this: age_ratings_long = melt(age_ratings_wide,id.vars=c("participant","group ")). If this run, I think you have deleted your id.vars with age_ratings_wide[c(3:146 )] command.

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Aug 6, 2017. Details. Along with melt and recast, this is the only function you should ever need to use. Once you have. If the combination of variables you supply does not uniquely identify one row in the original data set, you will need to. "grand_row" to get grand row and column margins respectively. Subset takes a.

There are a few things you should check : Did you write the name of your function correctly? Names are case sensitive. Did you install the package that contains the function? install.packages("thePackage") (this only needs to be done once); Did you attach that package to the workspace ? require(thePackage) or.

up vote 0 down vote favorite. I have an app designed that works perfectly fine on my local server. But when I deploy it I get the error "could not find function "melt"" in Shiny Server. I did have the package installed. shiny.

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I have an app designed that works perfectly fine on my local server. But when I deploy it I get the error "could not find function "melt"" in Shiny.

May 22, 2015. Hi all, trying to use the melt function in data.table and I'm getting an error. attr(*, ".internal.selfref")=<externalptr>, id.vars=Poly1, measure. vars=Poly2) Error: could not find function "" melt(Distdata, id.vars= Poly1, measure.vars=Poly2) Error: could not find function.

Error: could not find function. in R – Stack Overflow – Nov 14, 2016 · I had the error. Error: could not find function some.function. happen when doing R CMD check of a package I was making with RStudio. could not find function 'melt.

Oct 22, 2016. data molten data frame, see melt. formula casting formula, see details for specifics. fun.aggregate aggregation function needed if variables do not identify a single observation for each output cell. Defaults to length (with a message) if needed but not specified. further arguments are passed to aggregating.

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R – could not find function 'melt()' – Stack Overflow – Possible Duplicate: Error: could not find function. in R I find various references to the function melt(), actually in stackoverflow for R.

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